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Liaoning Friendship Hotel
Liaoning Friendship Hotel 78 USD

Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel
Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel 165 USD

Northeast Building (Shenyang)
Northeast Building (Shenyang) 105 USD


Accommodation of Shenyang is many with middle-and-low-grade hotels. And mostly all in the center of urban area. Most excellent service standard of medium-to-high grade hotels and prestige degree are better, many top-grade hotels are with the first-class management...

Travel guide of Shenyang

The Palace Museum of Shenyang: Before entering, its imperial palace was set up in Shenyang, after moving the capital to Beijing in Qing Dynasty, this imperial palace is called " palace of city established as a second capital besides the capital "...

Shenyang Overview

Shenyang lies in the south of the Northeast of China, the middle part of the province of Liaoning, lies in the between of east longitude of 12225'-12348', north latitude of 4111'-432', She stands with the hillfoot of Changbai Mountain behind, faces the bank of the Bohai Sea...

Shenyang Cuisine

The table delicacies delicacy of Shenyang has a long history, perfect in workmanship, on the basis of Manchu cooked food, have draw lessons from and develop superior technology of the traditional palace, has assembled the quintessence of the Chinese famous dish again...

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Welcome to Shenyang!
EnglishSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Liaoning Friendship Hotel78 USDBook
♦ Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel165 USDBook
♦ Northeast Building (Shenyang)105 USDBook
♦ Liaoning Tiandu Hotel43 USDBook
♦ Shenyang Marriott Hotel79 USDBook
♦ Furama Hotel Shenyang60 USDBook
♦ Shenyang Tianbao Guoji Hotel45 USDBook
♦ Shenyang World Star International Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Shenyang Right Day City Hotel60 USDBook
♦ Shenyang Dongxu Business Hotel30 USDBook
♦ Green Hotel, Shenyang45 USDBook
♦ Eletel Hotel, Shengyang43 USDBook
♦ Howard Johnson Grand Hotel - Shenyang60 USDBook
♦ Liaoning Mansion, Shenyang48 USDBook
♦ Rongfu Hotel Shenyang51 USDBook
♦ Manhattan Hot Spring Hotel, Shenyang87 USDBook
♦ Times Plaza, Shenyang63 USDBook
♦ Traders Hotel, Shenyang114 USDBook
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